Here I Go ‘Round Mum’s Mulberry Bush On a Monday Morning

23 Oct

This year I began a personal journey of spiritual, mental and emotional growth which seems to be intensifying everyday and I’ve been forced to think about whether I actually enjoy the NOW or if I am constantly thinking/worrying about the past and future. I’ve been pondering going away to Tasmania to pick raspberries on one of my clients farms or travelling to regional NSW during harvest season and joining the pickers in collecting the fruit of the gods (which ever fruit it may be).

On Monday morning I was standing on my mum’s verandah and looking at her garden and even though I’ve seen her mulberry tree plenty of times, this time I really SAW her mulberry tree. It hit me like a bowl of juicy mulberries that leave a deep purple stain on your skin so you can’t hide the evidence that you’ve been in contact with them.

With the conviction of Dorothy who just returned home to Aunty Em and Uncle Henry I heard a voice say “if I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own (or mum’s) backyard; because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with.”

I rushed to the kitchen to find a large bowl and disposable gloves and started picking the plump, dark mulberries from the tree. I hardly needed to encourage them away from their stems because if they were ripe enough they only needed a gentle nudge and they leapt straight into my bowl.

I made a mulberry crumble including some mixed frozen berries to add a tang to the flavour because I don’t like very sweet desserts; some brown sugar, a touch of blood orange infused olive oil and vanilla bean paste. For the topping I used organic white wheat flour, brown sugar, cold butter, almond meal and desiccated coconut.

We enjoyed the crumble hot with pouring cream and it was just divine! It’s so much more satisfying to serve and share food with family that you have been involved in preparing from the tree to the table. The tree is loaded with more ripe mulberries so the next dish might be a mulberry pie or jam…. decisions, decisions!!

I watched Summer Coda on Thursday night at Palace Verona Cinema in Paddington.

The Australian romantic comedy starring Rachael Taylor and Alex Dimitriades is set in a glorious orange grove in Mildura. I laughed, cried and wished I was picking oranges under the golden blazing sun.

I will continue to harvest the succulent crimson mulberries and appreciate their abundance NOW while it lasts!

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