Late Night Jam Session

1 Nov

So I harvested the next batch of glorious mulberries and I was in a jam thinking about how to preserve their natural beauty. Then it came to me (you’d hope so after two not so subtle hints); jam, preserve, yes! I’ll make jam. This was my first attempt at making jam so I found the simplest recipe possible. 1kg of mulberries, 1kg caster sugar and the juice of 4 large lemons.

The mulberries have been washed, de-stemmed and weighed, awaiting their sugary fate; and the lemon sacs gave in to the pressure of my hand against the old fashioned juicer, releasing a gushing acidic, citrus stream.

All the ingredients are placed in a saucepan and put on the heat to be brought up to a melodious simmer. Keep an eye on the saucepan making sure the jam doesn’t froth up and overflow all over the stove!! Sugar retains heat so you may need to adjust the temperature if it gets too hot.

Stir every 10 minutes  and make sure you get the jam on the sides of the saucepan as well. Skim the top to remove excess froth and once the jam appears to be thickening take a spoonful and smear it on a plate. Once the jam cools, run your finger through the middle and if it parts like a glistening, ruby red sea of mulberries, you’ve got jam baby! Now lick the jam off your finger.

Now it’s time to get the jam into jars while it’s hot. I bought these classic jam jars from New Directions. The jars and lids need to be thoroughly washed in hot soapy water, rinsed and then sterilised using boiling water to prevent contamination.

Fill each jar with jam and seal immediately. As the jam starts to cool it will thicken and become harder to fill the jars so work quickly.

Enjoy on hot buttered toast, scones, pancakes or however you like. If you want to use the jam like a sauce just warm it up to drizzle over ice cream or dress up desserts. It will go well with a dark chocolate souffle to balance the sweetness of the jam; not that a decadent dark chocolate souffle would need any help to be desirable.

I gave a jar of my homemade jam to a friend and he lent me his book Cravatalicious by Matt Preston. I thought he was trying to give me a hint but he loved the jam and just thought I would find the chapter ‘Preserving Knowledge’ an entertaining read since it’s Matt’s story about jam. I’ve just finished reading Eat Pray Love so it looks like Cravatalicious is next on the list.


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