Gwyneth Paltrow, Ina Garten & Express Ricotta

2 Nov

I was visiting a customer last week in Wollongong and she told me that she makes her own ricotta because the shelf life is short on fresh ricotta and it has already lost a few days by the time it’s delivered from suppliers. The Italian definition of ricotta is recooked and the by product of making cheese, also known as whey, is turned into this fresh cheese, ricotta.

The lady said she doesn’t use the Italian method to make ricotta because it takes a long time; instead, she follows a recipe from her Lebanese heritage. Vinegar is used to make the milk and cream curdle into a cheese very similar to ricotta.

When I checked my emails tonight I was so excited to see two of my favourite women sharing a recipe for ricotta via the GOOP e-newsletter. Gwyneth Paltrow is just beautiful on so many levels and I loved her down to earth attitude in Spain On The Road Again which is a TV series about regional Spanish cuisine and culture.

Ina Garten’s TV series, The Barefoot Contessa, is one of my favourite food programs. I get the vibe that Ina is a loving, kind woman and if her friend was having a bad day she would give them a comforting hug, a plate full of her delicious home style cooking and their world would be restored to perfect balance as she smiled. I love how Ina takes care of her husband Jeffery too. Ina surprises Jeffery with his favourite meals when he arrives home and they seem so happy in each others company.

The ricotta recipe is from Ina’s new book ‘How Easy Is That?’

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