The Dining Table Is The Centre Of Life

29 Nov

When I lived on my own for a few years I often ate dinner while sitting on the lounge in front of the tv and while it seemed like a good way to unwind, it was just a useless distraction. Turning on the tv for background noise during dinner is a bad habit in many households. I’m not against the occasional dinner and a movie at home but eating in front of the tv every night is absurd. I’m going to sound like a grandmother or mother right now and I’m proud of that because they know what they’re talking about!

These days we (and I can say this because I do it myself) spend so much time using technology to communicate and it’s important to dedicate time to personal interactions with others and ourselves. Meal times are the ideal way to come together and discuss what’s on our minds and spend time with our loved ones. We all need to eat everyday so that’s already one step in the right direction. It can be hard to coordinate meal times around individual work and social schedules so sharing dinner every night may not be realistic. In that case you can select nights when everyone makes the commitment to show up for dinner on time.

While I was living with a long term boyfriend, I noticed that we fell into a routine of eating while watching tv and it frustrated me. Not only did I find it impersonal but after a while we had to find time to discuss important topics because we didn’t make a small effort on a daily basis. I shared my dissatisfaction about our meal time routine with my partner and tried to make it more interesting for both of us. I bought shiny new cutlery, set the table, lit candles, put on background music and we shared cooking and cleaning up so we had more time together to talk about our day and anything else that was on our mind.

It can take a lot of hard work to set the scene for meal times whether you’re single, married, a family with children or in any relationship but the table is where life happens. The act of eating is not a habit to be taken lightly. When we eat, we need to be conscious that we only get out what we put in so the ingredients in the meals are equally as important as eating. Eating is a way of nourishing our bodies to enable us to live, love, work and exist so the quality of the food is vital. Take the time to think about your food, really smell it, take a bite and really taste it. Don’t just chew and swallow as a means of getting food into your stomach.

Everything on earth is made up of energy including food. The energy in the food we eat is contributing to our physical, mental and spiritual state of being so is it any wonder why we feel so lethargic after gorging on an entire greasy pizza or sugary chocolate? When we eat foods that provide our bodies with little nutrition it takes a lot of energy to eliminate the toxins and leaves us feeling tired, irritable and unsatisfied. Always cook with love and your energy will inspire loving connections and conversations at the table.

If you’re dining on your own, set a romantic scene just as you would for a partner or intimate dinner party and reflect on your own thoughts and dreams as you enjoy your meal. I used to think meditation could only be performed by sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat with my eyes closed but it’s not true. I have received clarity while taking a short nap, driving in silence, taking a refreshing shower, laying on the grass in the sun and eating in solitude.

Make a promise to yourself and your loved ones to transform meals into a time you look forward to. Some of the best memories in life are created around a dining table mixed with everyone’s opinions, laughter, arguments and of course food.  Next time you have the urge to say something, refrain from sending a text, making a call, sending an email, posting on Facebook or Tweeting; turn off the tv, set the scene and meet at the table.


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