I’m In Love

9 Dec

It was at least 33 degrees on the 25th of September as I walked from my apartment on Las Ramblas down to the beach for the last time during my Spanish adventure. The sand was dotted with shiny, brown bodies basking under the rays of the Barcelona sun not unlike olive rubbed poultry roasting over an open fire and basting in their own juices.

So what did I decide to do? I walked into a freezer! Well not quite, it was an ice bar to be exact and given mother natures particularly good mood, I had the bar all to myself.

The slim, tanned and typically confident young Spanish woman that served me, picked out a suit and gloves that looked like a cross between skiing, eskimo and astronaut attire; sniffed it and then handed it to me. I didn’t even bother asking what sort of people wore this before me; sometimes ignorance is bliss. The Ice Bar was a welcome relief from the sizzling temperature outside, so I ordered a cocktail, sat on the faux fur seat coverings

and watched some Ice Age on the big screen. Once I felt the chill penetrating my bones, I decided to head back to the beach and find some food to soak up the alcohol rich cocktail I skulled in hopes of quenching my thirst.A tip for anyone heading to Spain for the first time, the Spaniards like to free pour liquor! That’s for another story though. I found a restaurant along the beach and took myself to lunch in celebration of my time in Spain. I started with another cheeky cocktail and some olives while I waited for my chilled tomato soup (not gazpacho) to arrive.

Resting in the middle was a savoury ice cream loaded with surprise chunks of strawberries and it was the perfect palate cleanser to start my meal.

Now I know this is sinful, but I ordered a mushroom risotto with rocket and parmesan salad for my main. I love Spanish food but after 3 weeks of jamon and tapas I was craving a variation in flavours.

As my food digested I observed the confidence of the beach goers.  No matter what size or shape, everyone was comfortable in their skin and it was so refreshing to see. One man was a little too comfortable in his skin and felt that clothing was unnecessary even though this wasn’t a nudist beach. Well this is Barcelona after all! As the sun started to go down on this memorable day, the restaurant prepared for the after dark crowd to dine, drink and dance the night away.

I walked along the streets to Las Ramblas, feeling tipsy and content with a smile you only get from being in love,

in love with Barcelona.

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