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31 Dec

For nearly a decade, I pampered people using food derived ingredients in skincare and my mind would always wander off to my love of food, “How can I use guava and papaya in an edible recipe?”. As an Aesthetician, I had the pleasure of working in some of Sydney’s best salons and spas before running my own business. I started to question some of the common ingredients in the skincare brands I was so familiar with and joined a natural cosmetic ingredients wholesaler.

I was surrounded by pure essential oils, nut butters, fruit extracts, herbs, spices and exotic vegetable oils but I was still longing to use the ingredients in edible recipes. I travelled to Spain in September 2010 and upon my return I decided to start my dream of “one day doing what I love” right now! I quit my job to pursue freelance food writing and blogging full time and haven’t looked back since. So this is how the name GOURMETICIAN was born. Gourmet + Aesthetician = Gourmetician.

My days go something like this…. researching, writing, taking photos of everything I eat and cook, thinking of what to cook next while I’m eating. I write food stories for Living Now magazine when I’m not blogging, cooking, taking photos or eating. I love preparing food from scratch, making my own butter, yoghurt and bread. I have a curiosity for using natural produce to it’s full potential. For example, I use fenugreek seeds to make tea and coffee substitute and plant some seeds to grow the shoots to cook curries with. When I buy cream, I use the left overs to make butter and butter milk. I grew up in a multicultural family and community, hence my adventurous palate. My dad was born and raised in Madras with Anglo-Indian and Portuguese heritage.

My mum was born in NSW, raised all over the countryside from Sydney to Orange and the central coast, with English and Irish heritage.

During my school years I was surrounded by Lebanese, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Turkish, Macedonian and Argentinian cultures to name a few. I’ve travelled through Italy, Spain and Japan, and stepped foot in New Zealand. I’ve visited Melbourne, Perth, tropical North Queensland, regional NSW and Adelaide with plans for many more travel adventures.

I am the cook, photographer, visual stylist and writer of Gourmetician and it’s truly my dream come true! In 2011 I will be publishing my book and helping to raise money for OzHarvest. I am also available for freelance work.

If you have a farm, restaurant, food outlet, store, event or food related product you would like to tell the world about, I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy Gourmetician.

Jessica x

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