Summer Hill Organic Fruit Market

18 Jan

I mentioned Summer Hill Organic Fruit Market in an earlier post about the Loving Earth Coconut Chocolate Butter. I went back to visit (and because I had a craving for coconut yoghurt) and I thought I would share this little gem with you.

Summer Hill Organic Fruit Market is located on the corner of Canterbury Rd and Carrington St in Summer Hill and there’s plenty of on street parking.

If you’ve been following my posts then you’ll know how much I love coconut and yoghurt; so when I tried coconut yoghurt for the first time lets just say I was quite emotional!

I also discovered coconut sugar by Loving Earth which I’ve tried in my cardamom panna cotta and biscuit recipes as a healthy substitute for white sugar.

The dairy selection at this market is quite impressive – natural and flavoured yoghurt, butter, cheeses and milk.

Biodynamic yoghurt, sheep and goat’s yoghurt.

Every flour you could ever want, gluten free and organic.

I was inspired by the scene from The Wizard Of Oz  – lions and tigers and bears, oh my! and felt compelled to write a short poem…

Lentils and legumes and grains, oh my! Pasta of gluten free flour and rye. Sauces and butters and oils and spreads to put on your noodles and crackers and breads.

Sprouts, frozen foods, activated nuts and berries. Organic spices, eggs, miso and dried cherries. Veggie chips and cocoa in every form, honey from bees of many a swarm.

If you’re in the area, stop in for a browse and pick up a free copy of the Living Now magazine while stocks last. My latest articleIt’s All Fenugreek To Me – is on page 17 of issue 135.

Summer Hill Organic Fruit Market

(02) 9799 3258

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