10 Sep

I had the pleasure of sampling Booza during the research and development phase and I’m thrilled to share the news that this delicious treat is now available for sale.

The Levantine Region is the home of this unique style of ice cream and since the 1800s, market vendors have been pummeling the ingredients into the characteristic consistency using large wooden utensils and serving it with generously strewn pistachios.

Booza is hand made in Sydney with a combination of time-honoured ingredients – Sahlab, the ground roots of the orchid Orchus mascula, and Mastica, the gum from the Mastic tree. The creators of Booza have sourced the finest local produce to bring you these delicate petit fours that are sure to spark interesting conversations amongst your dinner guests and foodie friends.

The texture is surprisingly elastic and it doesn’t melt the same way as gelato or typical full fat ice cream which suits the high temperatures of Arab countries, Lebanon in particular. I don’t like sickly sweet desserts so this is the perfect way to end a meal or satisfy a cheeky craving.

The balls are individually rolled (with lots of love) in pistachio,

sesame halawa (halva)

or crunchy pistachio praline.

Congratulations to the creative minds and hands behind Booza! For more information visit

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