Getting Buttered Up

4 Mar

My dad gave me 10 litres of cream yesterday and I felt a butter session coming on. I’ve posted about making butter before but now that I’ve made it a few times I had to share it again because it’s just the best thing since sliced bread!! If you haven’t attempted making your own butter you don’t know what you’re missing. Besides the luscious flavour and getting immense satisfaction out of creating with my hands, making butter also leaves my hands feeling soft and supple. Try it for yourself – you’ll find step by step instructions here. I sprinkled the butter balls with Himalayan Pink Salt but you can leave it plain or mix salt through to suit your taste.

I do use other natural fats such as coconut oil or olive oil in place of butter but sometimes you can’t use anything else.

The buttermilk can be used in Lassi, pancakes, curries and more. I remember having buttermilk as an accompaniment to curries instead of yoghurt when I was a child.

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