It’s Fig Season!

1 Apr

As someone passionately announced last week over a plate of fresh figs – it’s fig season! If you’ve been following my blog then you’ll remember my trip to the markets last year that lead me to a tray of figs. To me, they truly are a fruit of the gods with their sweet, luscious, juicy texture that are divine to cook with but I can just as easily eat several at a time in their natural glory. There is no other fruit like it.

I was at Eveleigh Markets yesterday and met Rocco from Leppington Valley Farm where they grow… fresh figs.

So today I decided to visit the farm and the weather was perfect. I met Rocco’s dad Victor who gave me a tour of the farm.

Victor’s brother used to own a fruit shop in Edgecliff and since retiring he likes to help out on the farm by serving customers in the old fashioned way. There was a very homely feel and everyone who stopped to make a purchase started talking to each other like old friends even though they’d never met.

I had such a nice time hearing about the farm’s history and I felt like I was back in Italy enjoying the trademark warmth and hospitality that flows effortlessly. I could have stayed and prepared lunch for everyone to eat under the big Mulberry tree (another one of my favourite fruits) that offers shady relief from the midday sun.

It has been my dream for a long time to one day cook for my own family and have Sunday lunch in a big backyard with a long wooden table spread with homemade food. I pictured it just standing on the farm today, kids screaming with laughter while family and friends are enjoying a glass of wine and discussions over a meal made with love.

I know why these feelings were stirred today – the farm is maintained with love too and I could sense it in the air and the way the family spoke about their produce and products. It’s people with this kind of passion that I love to buy produce from. It’s not just food, it has a story behind it and I feel so privileged to be able to buy directly from a farm like this. With the busy lifestyles we lead, we often rely on the convenience of supermarkets but I always have much more appreciation for my food when I see first hand the work that has gone into the end product.

Of course I came away with a tray of figs and some products that Rocco’s mum makes including chocolate coated figs, fig and nut wraps (you can purchase them from Grower 2 U) and also prickly pears (I’ll be sharing another post about these). If you love figs then I highly recommend visiting Leppington Valley Farm


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  1. Rocco Marando April 3, 2012 at 6:34 am #

    Hi Jessica,

    Lovely to meet you on Saturday last, and am surprised and greatful of your visit to our farm the following day. We hope hope you had an enjoyable experience with us and hope to see you out there with family and friends one day again soon. Thanks for the post on your website, the pictures look amazing! Any queries about figs, prickly pears and/or the gourmet fig delicacies that we make, just buzz us and we do our utmost to serve you best.


    Rocco Marando
    Leppington Valley Farm.


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