Sautéed Kale with Tahini and Sesame Oil Dressing

12 Aug

Well I completed my first City2Surf today and not being a runner I set myself a goal of 2 hours. So when the text message flashed on my phone showing 1:40:53 I was elated!

With adrenalin running through my body I made my way to the physio team tent. I do yoga with some of these people who have been running for years so it was great to swap stories. I was lucky enough to get a free massage while I was there too.

I moved on to my favourite book cafe for lunch and ended up having a round table style discussion with 2 South African men, a Jewish lady originally from Israel, her Northern European husband and another lady who joined us for a brief coffee.

It all began when my lentil stew drew attention. I told everyone I had just completed a 3 week detox and it turns out that the lady and her husband are just beginning. Her weakness is baking and she also finds detoxing difficult because of the big traditional Shabbat meal on Friday’s.

The only solution she has come up with so far is to become Christian but she said her kids would kill her! The diet she was raised on included lots of salad so she feels better on a lighter diet or even completely raw.

Her husband on the other hand needs hot food as do I. I really feel the cold more than most people so I prefer warming foods and don’t even like drinking cold water.

I explained how I’ve been craving tahini and cut out red meat. We both agreed that we don’t like acidic foods like oranges and also avoid capsicum. Due to the similarities in what the ladies’ husband and I like and dislike in food it’s possible I am also an A blood type. I’ve been told this many times but am yet to investigate.

The men beside me were drinking green tea (which I avoid) and hot water with fresh lemon, ginger and honey. We both agreed we would prefer it without honey but he forgot to mention that when ordering.

Getting back to cravings, I talked about eating lots of walnuts and the husband was so happy. His wife started challenging him and apparently they have been debating whether almonds or walnuts are better.

The South African man drinking the green tea said that the nuts need to be activated and I laughed as I told him how I always get in trouble from my friend about this.

The lady drinking coffee was fascinated by how much we all knew about this topic and left after a short while.

Everyone went back to their books and I proceeded to reply to all the text messages about my finishing time in the race. The lady started to ask me about the race and my exercise routine and it turns out she’s had training in virtually every sport and at one stage was working out for 2 hours a day.

I finished my stew, thanked the group for the lively discussion and headed towards the buses. I then met a young man who was in the military for 4 years and was dying for fresh vegetables anytime he went home.

He gave me tips on keeping up energy levels by increasing calcium (hence the tahini cravings) and magnesium to help with muscle cramps. He explained that he was going for a medical school entry interview tomorrow so opted not to paint his face bright red today in zombie style for the race just incase it didn’t all wash off.

So all in all I engaged in lots of stimulating conversations surrounding food and nutrition today.

Today was no exception when it comes to the tahini cravings so to get my daily dose I modified a previous recipe.

I sliced and sautéed some kale and broccolini and drizzled it with a dressing of tahini, sesame oil, lemon juice and salt. I served this over red quinoa that I cooked last night, smoked rainbow trout (something else I can’t get enough of lately) and topped it with chilli flakes and a mix of sesame seeds, seaweed and salt.

So I had a triple dose of sesame – tahini, sesame oil and sesame seeds. All that was left to do was eat… open sesame!




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