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Fennel & Orange Roasted Chicken – Video Blog

31 Mar

The union of fennel with orange is one of my favourites. Thanks to Diego Bonetto’s foraging tour I learnt how to identify edible plants growing wild in my backyard including fennel.


I’m Nuts About This Chutney

22 May

I’ve tried the David Bitton Coriander Pesto, Moroccan Spice and Strawberry & Vanilla Jam so it makes sense that I work my way through the entire gourmet range. So much fun!!

Next on my list was the Monkey Nut Chutney packed with peanut oil, peanuts, coriander, mint, garlic, vinegar, chilli, lemon juice, tamarind and salt. I love that this range is made using natural, non GM ingredients.

I modified my tandoori wrap recipe and the Monkey Nut Chutney complemented the flavours perfectly.

500g organic, free range chicken breast

1 jar David Bitton Monkey Nut Chutney

1 punnet of cherry tomatoes

1 large Lebanese cucumber

Mixed lettuce leaves

A large handful of fresh coriander

A large handful of fresh mint leaves

Natural yoghurt (approx 1 cup)

Ingredients to make chapattis*

Cut the chicken into stir fry size strips and mix through 2-3 heaped tablespoons of Monkey Nut Chutney. Slice the cherry tomatoes in half, cut the cucumber into strips about the same size as the chicken, roughly tear the coriander leaves and stems, and set aside with the mint and lettuce leaves. Mix some Monkey Nut Chutney through natural yoghurt and adjust to taste. Make the chapattis following my previous recipe*.

Fry the chicken in a pan on both sides until golden brown and cooked through. If the marinade starts to stick to the pan, add a little water and once it evaporates and the marinade starts to become thick again, remove from the heat.

Place the ingredients in the middle of the table and let everyone make their own wraps to suit their taste. Delicious!

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